First two months of married life. MARRIED LIFE

My First Married Life Post… I’ve been off the radar these past few weeks. No blog posts, no photo shoots, no instagram. It was pure radio silence. I needed it. I needed a month off from blogging (okay, monthS) because it felt like a full time job and my brain needed a break after the wedding. My Plan: FAIL I had this grand plan before the...

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Wedding Event #1: My First Time Wearing a Saree Desi / FASHION

    First, I’d like to thank my Mom’s friends who hosted the event. My First Wedding Event was a Dholki: a pre-wedding celebration where family and friends get together to sing, dance, eat, and play the dhol (a double-headed drum). The dress code: Sarees. For all of you that don’t know what a Saree is.. A Saree consists of a blouse, and a drape that’s...

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How to keep your Sanity till your Wedding Day HOW TO / TIPS

I’m experiencing something serious. Are you? SYMPTOMS I’m losing sleep. Early onset insomnia? Is that a thing? I’m losing hair and I’m afraid I might go bald soon. Early onset hair loss? (sorry, I had to) I’m losing weight but I eat like it’s Thanksgiving, every day. My hands are stuck to a notebook. The notebook has become a part of my body now. I keep making...

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High Slit Tops and Gladiators = Comfortably Chic Western

      My 10th Blog Post! I have been purchasing quite a few High-Slitted Tops. Something about slits scream sexy. Slits don’t have to be revealing to look chic. I was initially going to wear white wide-legged trousers with this camel woven top, but unfortunately, my trousers were not the flattering type of trousers that flow with movement. I paired this top with white...

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